BIIA b2b Victoria
Thursday | 08 Aug
What could happen when two bass queens get together in the DJ booth? The result is almost certainly a sound rollercoaster: dizzying ascents and descents, unexpected inversions and loops.

BIIA has immersed herself in electronic music from an early age, which allowed her to convey emotions, build relationships, and learn how command and manipulate a crowd.

In this electronic path crafted from techno, she joins forces with Victoria, an artist with a daring personality through which she embodies freedom and fluidity. The energy she brings to her performances almost serves as a homage to millennial inspiration, and from this boldness derives a colourful and vibrant take on music.

The stage is set for this special b2b session. Now, are WE ready for the intensity that's about to unfold?
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#neopopfestival #np24
08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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