Josh Wink
Saturday | 10 Aug
Longevity. Integrity. Versatility. Josh Wink's success, however accidental, has proved to fulfill these three pillars like no other. His secret? A life spent working in music out of passion, and everything that followed came with it.

In the list of tracks that mark Wink's timelessness we can find "Don't Laugh" and "Higher State of Consciousness", two references of dance music and acid breakbeat that the nineties gave us, mixed with an incalculable will to release smiles on the dance floor. In addition, the producer and DJ also founded Ovum Records, a label that put emblematic songs into the world. More recently, "Resist" has given voice to his mission, and the truth is that when you have Josh Wink in the booth there's a guarantee: there's no offside, and points are scored more often when dancing is involved.
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08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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