Roundhouse Kick LIVE
Thursday | 08 Aug
Even if we were talking about the individual personas of Adriana Lourinho (EDND) and Igor Inácio (Lost In Space), Roundhouse Kick would still be a martial arts move, but when delivered by the Algarve duo, the strike becomes all the more musical and powerful.

Having started originally with their club night PISTÃO, the dynamic team quickly moved beyond the Algarve and spread their musical vision throughout the country, having their output released on labels such as Paraíso, Extended Records, and Elberec. Purveyors of the new iterations of house and techno and an outcome of the reconnection with its roots and the rhythmic matrix of jack, acid house, and industrial textures, Roundhouse Kick is the embodiment of all that is good about the party phenomenon and is anchored in openness and musical sharing. An irresistible sonic attack on our bodies and minds.
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08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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