Serginho b2b Ze Salvador
Friday | 09 Aug
Imagine yourself during the 90s. It’s Friday night, and you decide to head down to Urban Sound in Porto. Chances are you’ll find Serginho and Ze Salvador in the DJ booth, selecting and playing the best electronic music Portugal had to offer at the time.

Serginho, an essential figure for understanding the beginnings of Porto’s underground music scene and its collective history, became one of the country’s most influential promoters of a very spatial and stylised brand of house music. He also produced music under the pseudonym Blá Blá Blá and was part of an electronic vanguard at a time when passion drove musical discovery. Ze Salvador, in addition to curating selections in record stores like Valentim de Carvalho and Carpet & Snares, also mixed and selected “Chill On Kaos Vol.2”, for Kaos Records, and is currently a resident and musical programmer at 5A Club in Lisbon. In b2b, a format they’ve used together throughout the years, these two key figures unite and take all their knowledge behind the decks. An assurance that their careers are showing no signs of slowing down.
Ze Salvador
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08 — 10 AUG
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